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    About the iSensor Research Team

smho.v9Dr. Shuyuan Mary Ho, Ph.D.  is interested in trusted human-computer interactions research, specifically addressing issues of cyber insider threats and automated detection of online deception in spontaneous communication. Dr. Ho founded the iSensor Lab in 2010. iSensor Lab is primarily dedicated to sociotechnical research related to human factors (e.g., behavioral threat) in cyberspace. Experiments are conducted in a live, and virtual laboratory. Dr. Ho’s sociotechnical research approach utilizes social-psychological theories along with pragmatic viewpoints on language-action cues to create an innovative methodology for computational modeling of next generation predictive behavioral reasoning systems—analyzing complex trust relationships, human disposition and intent detection. Dr. Ho collaborated with Dr. Jeffrey Hancock at Stanford University, Dr. Mike Burmester and Dr. Xiuwen Liu at FSU Computer Science. Together, their research was funded by National Science Foundation (NSF) Secure and Trustworthy Cyberspace EAGER grant (1347113/1347120 $199,998 09/01/13 – 08/31/15). Dr. Ho’s research and technology innovation is funded by NSF I-CORPS grant (1505195 $50,000 12/15/14-12/31/16) to investigate the potential applications of predictive analytics reasoning system in the industry. Dr. Ho’s research is also funded by Florida Center for Cybersecurity FC2 ($50,000 07/01/18-12/31/19 & $25,000 03/01/15-11/30/16) and Florida State University Council of Research and Creativity, and can be found in Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, Journal of Management Information Systems, Computers in Human Behavior, Computers & SecurityInformation Systems Frontiers, Information Processing & Management, IEEE, ACM, Springer, and many world’s leading refereed publications.


Giwoo G Lee is a PhD student in Computer Science at Florida State University (2024). He received a Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems from The University of Mississippi (2014). His primary research interests are in Conversational AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP). He works as a Research Assistant at the iSensor Lab since Fall 2019 in doing research and developing applications in regards to Dr.Ho’s endeavors in the Online Polygraph and Digital Deception Detection front. 

Personal Website: https://giwoolee.com

Sushmita Khan works as a Research Assistant at the iSensor Lab during Fall 2018. She has a Master’s degree in Information Technology from Georgia Southern University and  a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Engineering from Brac University, Bangladesh. Her primary research interests are Natural Language Processing and Computational Linguistics as well as Human Behavior Analysis.

Raghav Rathi is a Master’s student in Computer Science department at Florida State University (2018). He Received a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from RGPV University, Bhopal, India. Raghav is a Research Assistant at iSensor Lab with designing/developing the capture-the-flags (CTFs) challenges during 2018-2019. His research interest include computer security, cryptography and machine learning. Besides his research, he plays soccer and is a die hard Liverpool fan. He also likes to travel a lot.

Conrad Metcalfe works with industry stakeholders and business interests to move iSensor research forward. He develops curriculum, overseeing research assistants and programmers, serves as a judge for National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competitions, presents at conferences and to interested stakeholders on products that are evolving from iSensor research activities.


En-Cih CHANG (Doris) received the B.S. degree in Information Management, College of Police Science and Technology, Central Police University, Taiwan (2018). She joined Dr. Ho’s team, at the iSensor Lab (2018). Her current research interests include information security, incident response, cybercrime investigation, digital forensics, information systems management, criminal profiling, cyber criminology, and machine learning. Besides her research study, she enjoys traveling and all kinds of sports, especially half-marathons.

En-Chun Kuo (Daisy) received Bachelor’s degree in Management from Department of Information Management, College of Police Science and Technology, Central Police University, Taiwan (2018). She joined Dr. Ho’s team to do research on Evil Twin Detection in fall 2018. She is now a police officer in Taiwan—responsible for information management and digital investigation. Her research interests include cyber security, wireless network, and computer science. Besides her research interest, she loves traveling, playing badminton, and air pistol shooting.

Michael Costello works as a Research Assistant in FSU’s iSensor Lab in Internet of Things (IoT) Forensics.  He is currently a Senior majoring in Information Technology, and has developed an interest in technology and cybersecurity. He is a current officer for the Cybersecurity Club at FSU (2019).


Ryan Ratkovich is a sophomore CS major at FSU. My passions include science, politics, technology, and problem solving. Here at the iSensor Lab, you can find my colleagues and I assisting in research related to the fields of Computer Science and Cybersecurity. Oh, I also like cats, the Cubs, I hate Fortnite, and I really enjoy a nice pair of slacks.


Vanessa Myron is a  Research Assistant at the iSensor Lab working under Dr. Ho. She is currently a junior earning her Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at Florida State University. Vanessa loves to learn new things and loves to try different hats. Her interest includes machine learning, making short films, watching TedTalks, meeting new people, and learning about their amazing plans for the future. She also loves motivational quotes and would like to leave one here by Jean Louis Etienne: “Everything is impossible for the people who never try anything.”

Karla Vazquez was a Research Assistant at the iSensor Lab during fall 2018—analyzing the spread of disinformation throughout social media. She purses a Bachelor of Science in Information, Communications, and Technology (ICT) at Florida State University. She also works as a Graphic Designer and Web Developer. Her interests include UX/UI design, visualization, web design, graphic design, social media management, project management, communications, and marketing. She also enjoys attending hackathons, photography, and calligraphy.

Jarvis Altrin JJarvisawahar was a Master’s student in Computer Science department at Florida State University (2017). Jarvis was a Research Assistant at iSensor Lab, primarily focused on machine learning algorithms with data analysis. His research interest includes Algorithms, Data Structures, and Computer Vision. He received his bachelor degree in Information Technology from West Bengal University of Technology, Kolkata, India (2014) where his main area of research was on steganography and algorithms to prevent such attacks. He was a Programmer Analyst for Medidata Rave programming, and was responsible for developing and deploying projects/studies related to clinical trials at Cognizant Technology Solutions in the Life Science division (2014-2016). He has a passion for football.

Aravind passport size fotoAravind Hariharan received a Master’s degree in Computer Science at Florida State University (2016), a Master’s degree in Software Systems from BITS Pilani, India (2013), and a Bachelor degree in Information Technology from SASTRA University, Tanjavur, India (2009). Aravind was a Research Assistant at the iSensor Lab with a primary research and development focus on machine learning algorithms with data analysis. His research interest includes machine learning, Hadoop, data structures and algorithms, parallel programming, database systems and exploring data warehousing and data mining techniques. He worked as a database and a data warehouse developer using Informatica an ETL tool for warehouse architects at Oracle Financial Software Services (2009-2012). He was certified as Informatica developer from Informatica Corporation (2011). He was both a developer as well as a manager for a team of four people in Capgemini.

 Shashank Timmarajus received a Master’s degree in Computer Science at the Florida State University (2015), and a Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology at JNTU Hyderabad, India (2010). He worked as Information Security Analyst at Tata Consultancy Services, India for 3 years. Shashank also received certification from EC council as a Certified Ethical Hacker. His research interests include algorithms, natural language processing, computer graphics and mobile programming. Besides his research, he loves to hear Pink Floyd and solving problems in TopCoder all day!

Kashyap Kashyap Vemuri received a Master’s degree in Computer and Information Sciences at the Florida State University (2015), and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from VNR Vignana Jyothi Institute of Engineering and Technology (2011). Kashyap was a Research Assistant and a developer at the iSensor Lab under the supervision and guidance of Dr. Shuyuan Mary Ho. He was a lead developer in the healthcare division for Med Mantra (a comprehensive hospital management solution, in pharmacy module) for the prestigious TATA’s Tata Consultancy Services (2011-2013). He assisted the product to go live in various locations in India.

Holly Fu_2Hengyi (Holly) Fu is a current doctoral candidate in the School of Information at Florida State University. She received a Master degree’s of Library and Information Science from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (2013). She studied Computer Science at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Her research interests include online group work, social computing, human-computer interaction, and social informatics. Besides her research interests, she enjoys music and play violin and double bass very well.

Dr. Laura Clark received a Ph.D. in Information from Florida State University School of Information (2016), a MLIS from FSU iSchool, and a BSBA in marketing from the University of South Alabama. Dr. Clark’s research interests are information needs of children, emergent literacy, cybersecurity, health informatics, military information, and intrinsic motivation. Before joining FSU iSchool, Laura worked in marketing both in the area of tourism and manufacturing. She has worked in Germany doing Army personnel testing. She has worked for the two major hospitals in Pensacola as an educational instructor. With a diverse working background that required excellent communications skills, problem solving, and creative thinking, Laura worked in Tallahassee, Florida for the Florida Department of Agriculture, Division of Marketing and Development. Additionally, she also worked as a librarian for LeRoy Collins Leon County Public Library System in Tallahassee, Florida for three years. This job focused on reference and children’s programming.

JohnDr. Jonathan Hollister received a Ph.D. in Information from Florida State University School of Information (2015), a Master of Science in Library and Information Studies from FSU iSchool, and a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, MI. Jonathan is interested in the individual and social information behaviors in virtual  communities and worlds. Specifically, Jon is interested in looking for the representation, acquisition, and demonstration of information, media, and technology literacy skills in persistent virtual online gaming  communities. Information, media, and communication technology literacies encompass skills that facilitate the creation, location, evaluation, management, communication, and use of information.